Welcome to ReachoutSK, an information hub for Crystal Meth in Saskatoon. Whether you are someone looking for help or someone wanting to learn more we have resources for you. ReachoutSK is a partnership between  Saskatoon’s Safe Community Action Alliance’s(SCAA) Crystal Meth Working Group and Prairie Harm Reduction. To learn more about the work of SCAA and the Crystal Meth Working Group visit https://safecommunityactionalliance.com/

Everyone has a story and you never know why someone starts using substances. Listening to someone's story helps break down the stigma and the assumptions made about people who use substances. People who use substances face a multitude of stigmas in their lives. This stigma is often part of what prevents people from reaching out for help. People who use substances are people first and no matter what deserves to be treated with respect and dignity just like everyone else in our communities. 



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